Ashland County Forest

Posted by Frank Kempf


The Ashland County Forest is 40,000 acres in size, 18th largest in the state. There are 29 county forests statewide. The Ashland County Forest is the most productive forest in state, in terms of dollars returned to the county per acre owned. This is a stark testimonial to the productivity of the forest and the dedication of the forestry staff. Last year we returned $230,000 dollars to the county. In years past that number has been as high as $750,000. All of this money is generated from timber sales which are conducted on the county forest.

But timber sales are not the only activity on the county forest. We also support numerous recreational activities. These activities include hunter walking trails, several county boat landings, including two boat landings on Lake Superior, we also support and work with the Snowmobile Alliance to keep snowmobiling an vital part of our winter economy and we are working with local clubs to develop off road vehicle recreation opportunities.