Facts About Black Bears

Posted by Frank Kempf

Bear Facts...


Black bears are commonly found in the northern third of Wisconsin, but are sighted more frequently in the central and southern counties of Wisconsin as they expand their range. As the black bear population continues to grow, so do an increasing number of bear-human conflicts. In order for bears to coexist with humans, we have to understand normal bear behavior. Black bears tend to be shy, solitary animals, but at some times of the year, particulary in the spring when bears emerge from their winter dens and food is not abundant, bears my be on the lookout for opportunistic food sources. This might be your garbage can, or the bird feeder in your back yard. Nearly all human-bear conflicts are a result of the animals' search for food. There are lots of simple things you can do to avoid conflicts with bears. With your help we can continue to live together with this great animal, enjoying their presence in the woods around us and at the same time reduciing conflicts with bears around our homes and our campsites.



Make noise and wave your arms--let the bear know you are there so you don't surprise it. Bears normally leave an area once they know a human is around.

If you happen surprise a bear at close range, back away slowly.

If you are near a vehicle or building, go inside until the bear wonders away.

Do not approach a bear. Respect black bears as wild animals and enjoy them safely--from a distance.