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 The Glidden Area Development Corporation

Rt. 1 Box 16 

 Glidden, WI  54527

 The Glidden Area Development Corporation (GADC) is a non-profit private corporation here to help your business. GADC and the Town of Jacobs work with the Ashland Area Development Corporation (AADC) to provide economic development assistance in the Glidden.  The Ashland Area Development Corporation staff of trained professionals has the knowledge and expertise to help you start or expand your business and bring your development project to reality.


Whether you are building a new facility, modernizing your current building or purchasing equipment . . . GADC is here to help you! For more information on the GADC, check out our GADC main page. To go directly to the AADC main web page, click AADC main page.


AADC will:

 Provide Information on Available Land, Buildings, and Operational Costs

Discuss the Advantages of Doing Business in the Glidden Area

 Assist in Implementing Education and Employment Training Programs

 Be Your Liaison with Local, State and Federal Government

 Provide Data and Information on the Physical, Social and Economic Characteristics

of the Glidden Area

 Recent industries benefiting from local assistance in Glidden.

 Financing Solutions for New or Existing Businesses

 Today’s Glidden Area businesses have financing alternatives available through several Revolving Loan Fund programs.  Unfortunately, many businesses are not aware of how these programs can reduce financing costs.  The AADC can help you . . . .

 The AADC assists with business financing through the following Revolving Loan (RLF) Programs:

  • The Town of Jacob                              
  • Northwest Regional Planning Commission 
  • Ashland County
  • Wisconsin Economic Dev. Corp.'s ED Loan Programs
  • Impact Seven

 Basic Eligibility Generally Includes:

  • Job Creation and/or Retention   
  • Bank Participation
  • 10% Down Payment
  • $1 for $1 match (private to public)

There are substantial benefits for businesses to involve our RLF’s in their borrowing.

These Programs Benefit You By Providing:

  • Long Terms
  • Low, Fixed Interest Rates
  • Minimal Equity Investment
  • A Period of “Interest Only” Payments

These benefits make a loan more affordable to businesses – and in some cases the lower interest rate makes the difference between a business’s success and failure.

The AADC can help to locate loans for up to $1,000,000.  Loans for land, building acquisition, construction and renovation are provided for up to 20 years, while loans for equipment, working capital and inventory are provided for up to 10 years.

Technical Expertise

 AADC staff has the expertise to help explore business financing alternatives without wasting your time and money.