Marion Park Pavilion

Posted by Frank Kempf

Marion Park Pavilion

In 1912 Frank Huber constructed the first pavilion dance hall for $200 in Marion Park. The first structure served the people of Glidden for 26 years and had seen its best days. The old building was considered a large structure at the time; being one of the largest dance floors in the area. It had a dance floor 30' by 60' in area.

In 1938 Frank Huber designed the present spacious pavilion and through the efforts of Chairman Joseph Schraufnagel and assisted from the The Federal Works Progress Administration fund, the building was erected fo $11,000. The new building stands on approximately the same site as the old pavilion.

The building stands on three hurdred and forty-seven concrete pyramid pillars, and a concrete foundation will support the structure. The forms for the pillars and foundation were constructed from the lumber salvaged from the old pavilion. The new floor has the highest quality hard maple available at the time and extends 92 feet in diameter.This provided and still provides one of the largest dance pavilions in northern Wisconsin. The building has 12' sidewalls and a domed roof that peaks at 45'. Operable windows completely surround the eight sided building. It has four beautiful entrances and each enterance faces a compass direction. The building was roofed with the newest asphalt shingles available in 1938.

The inside houses a stage or band stand 15' by 25' and was designed to be large enough to handle the high school band. It was planned to have to a hood over the stage to carry the sound to the remote cornors of the building. This was never constructed.

On June 21, 1940 a big free dance was arranged for the afternoon. This event provided a free experence to acquaint everyone in the area to the New Marion Park Pavilion, the largest and best dance hall in Northern Wisconsin.