Marion Park

Posted by Frank Kempf

A beautiful example of cooperation among the four adjacent Towns of Gordon, Jacobs, Peeksville and Shanagolden in the Glidden area is the operation of Marion Park.

The plot of land was donated by Dan F. Tyler from a part of his farm, which then extended well down toward the community of Glidden on Park street.  It was named after Marion Tyler, eldest daughter of Dan and Mrs. Tyler.

The park did not then include the present baseball diamond.  The latter area was rented for years and finally purchased in 1922 after the Town of Jacobs paid about $1500 in rent over a period of eighteen years.  It was orginally called Woodlawn Park.  The first recorded ball game was in 1904 against Fifield.

In 1909 Frank Huber constructed the first pavilion dance hall for $200.

In 1925 the Gliddden Commercial Club started the Glidden Community Fair with the four towns involved.  The main exposition building was erected in 1926.  In 1938 Frank Huber designed the present spacious pavilion and through the efforts of Chairman Joseph Schraufnagel and assisted from the The Federal Works Progress Administration fund, the building was erected fo $11,000.

In 1949 the Glidden baseball diamond was remodeled completely with new grading, fences, dugouts and grandstand.

Glidden's Marion Park was awarded the 1952 Ashland County Fair.

In 1958 the the Community Fair Assn. purchased the merry-go-round and kiddie cars and in 1961 the rides were covered with a fine building.  During the course of the years, religous groups have added fine buildings for additional eating experiences at Marion Park functions.