Quality of Life

Posted by Frank Kempf

Located in Wisconsin's Northwoods, Glidden is also located in southern Ashland County on the banks of the Chippewa River and State Highway 13 passes through the community. The area is known for its spectacular beauty, including vast areas of national, state and county forestland.

Glidden was established in 1876 and named after J.R. Glidden an official of Wisconsin Central Railroad. Glidden was known to early settlers as Chippewa Crossing. The lands around Glidden were a part of the vast pine covered area of northern Wisconsin, and provided necessary marterials for the expanisons of the western frontier and growth of our nation.

The Gldden area is home to 1500 people that reside in the four towns of Jacobs, Shanagolden, Gordon and Peeksville. Major industries include manufacturing, wood, paper and forest naturals, farming and tourism.

 Residents of Glidden endoy a relaxed lifestyle, where they experience peace of mind on a daily basis. The area offers quality educational opportunities, unlimited outdoor recreation, and very reasonable cost of living.

Recreational opportunities abound during all seasons. Whether you're seeking the thrill of landing a throphy musky, the winter stillness of a corss-country ski trail, the world's finest ruffed grouse, deer, and bear hunting, or a fun family experience, you can find it all in the Glidden area. From Glidden one has access to about 5936 arces in lakes and streams, and more then 300,000 acres of forested land are open to the public with over 300 miles of trails. Natural forest vegetation in the Glidden area includes balsam fir, white spruce, white and red maple, hemlock, yellow birch,black spruce,tamarack and cedar.

Visitors from throught the Midwest are drawn to Glidden's clean air and water, thousands of acres of forest lands, parks, campgrounds, golf courses and hunderds of mile of snowmobile and ATV trails. Area residents enjoy the quality of life on a daily basis.


Glidden's community not only offers a reasonable cost of living, it also offers low crime rates and the knowledge that their children are growing up in a positive environment.